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Standard cardboard boxes, single and double wall


The importance of information as a business asset is greater now than ever before. The processes that take place in organisations “whether small or large, non-profit or commercial" depend greatly on the availability of information.

The development of information and communication technology has led to an increase in the quantity of information. All this information must be available on a continuous basis with quick and easy access whenever needed. The growth of information in physical forms “ in documents, books and magazines, and on video, cd-rom and DVD “ has been a fact for some time now.

Bruynzeel develops intelligent Compactus® solutions that solve information management problems for offices, archives and warehouses of all kinds of organisations. That is our specialty and we™re good at it. Through the Compactus® series, Bruynzeel provides filing and storage systems, simple to highly complex solutions, for both large multinational companies as well as local businesses.

To accomplish all of this, Bruynzeel has acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience in a wide variety of sectors and branches. We apply our expertise to continuously create new products and services tailored to the increasingly greater demands of our customers.

Bruynzeel is also at the forefront in providing customised solutions. Space-saving, user-friendliness, durability, design “ we work on these matters every day. And our hard work resulted in the Compactus® series, which enables GBSS to offer a suitable filing and storage solution to any problem.

Choosing Your Storage System
Document storage requirements will range from dynamic, regularly used records through to deep stored archives. The mix of storage systems should match your requirements, opportunities and constraints. The main considerations will be space, access, cost and security if you can buy tyres.

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This is often the largest constraint. For example, can extra space be created by filing selected records centrally or using Mobile Storage and Roller Racking in place of filing cabinets or fixed shelving?


Who needs to use the records and how frequently? For example: Lateral or Carousel Storage aids multiple access, where as Mobile Storage and Roller Racking greatly reduces the space required. Filing cabinets work well for single users.


The investment in storage systems needs to be considered against needs and benefits. Equipment designed for the office environment is generally more expensive than deep storage. What balance is required?

Solutions and Service
Whichever storage system best meets your demands and wishes, GBSS offers you important added value: Bruynzeel quality. Bruynzeel has been developing and producing Mobile Storage, Roller Racking and filing systems for more than fifty years. All of our systems offer customer-oriented, high-quality solutions. Our products are characterised by sound construction and finished to perfection, down to the very last detail. Bruynzeel naturally complies with all major international quality standards.

Accommodation and meals 
- The careful pre-inspection and continuous assessment of all accommodation 
- Accommodation as specified for each course
- All meals

Years of experience, has made GBSS a total and reliable project partner. Our sales and technical staff can help you optimally use your available space with the right system and the right accessories. If your requirements are such that one of our standard systems does not suffice, we will simply develop a customised solution for your specific situation.

Moreover, we not only install our systems personally with Bruynzeel trained Installation Engineers, we also place and move them as needed. In short, doing business with GB Storage Systems Ltd means doing business with a partner who takes the entire storage process off your hands. Reliability and quality: the Bruynzeel guarantee.

Standard cardboard boxes, single and double wall - Moving Boxes UK House Packing Boxes UK Removal Boxes

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A successful course results from the careful management of your course in three crucial areas: Registration, Course and Student Life. The following are the services provided in each of these areas. All of these services are included in our fees. The only additional costs are for your personal expenses.

With over 10 years experience we use the latest in computer aided design (CAD) to produce a wide range of products from the simple carton to the most intricate printed die-cut box.

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