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Imagine that you have been asked by your company to move to another country. Although you may be excited at the prospect of living in and exploring a new place, you will doubtless have many questions, fears and concerns.

Brown Box Company's Live Abroad! will introduce you to people who have done exactly what you are about to do: They have packed up their wholesale sweets children, pets and belongings and have begun a new chapter in their lives in another country. In the video you will hear them explain why they decided to accept an expatriate position, what kinds of concerns they and their families had before going, the adventures they had while they were abroad, and how they coped with returning home after the assignment

Each of the families or individuals in the video had a unique experience. Each of the 6 families or individuals has a different family make-up: some are married, some have children, some are single. Some have a partner who works, some do not. Each expatriate faces unique circumstances; however, the concerns that you have are echoed in the words of other expatriates. Live Abroad! explores topics common to every expatriate, such as:

Experts in the field of cross-cultural communication and international relocation will offer explanations and advice throughout the film to complement the testimonial of the expatriate families.

Our wide experience allows us to create the ideal packaging solution, using our in-house design and sample production to the highest standard.

- Membership of the Studio On-line Club
- Selection of your accommodation 
- Travel and arrival information 
- High staff to student ratio 
- Letter for visa purposes (if required) 
- Banking service for students' pocket money 
- Full confirmation of course and accommodation details prior to departure from your home country 
- Welcome Pack on arrival

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Live Abroad! also reflects the changing demographics of the expatriate population. Whether you are single, a couple or a family, you will find that that your concerns are discussed in the video.

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After viewing Live Abroad!, you will feel comfortable knowing that an expatriate experience will be a rewarding, enriching period of your life. It will be challenging. But you will know what to expect, and you will know how to handle the challenges as they arise.

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